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Policy BF-PGC-PO1 Gasoline Credit Card

  1. Policy
  2. Definitions
  3. Relevant Federal and State Statutes
  4. Relevant UT System and UTA Policies, Procedures, and Forms
  5. Who Should Know
  6. UTA Officer(s) Responsible for Policy
  7. Dates Approved or Amended
  8. Contact Information procurement@uta.edu
  1. Policy

    1. Responsibilities
      1. Accounts Payable Department
        • Receives and reviews monthly US Bank Voyager bill
        • Distributes monthly departmental charges
        • Generates payment documents to US Bank Voyager
      2. US Bank
        • Issues gasoline credit cards
        • Receives reports of lost or stolen gasoline credit cards
        • Receives calls regarding disputed invoices
      3. Voyager Fleet Card User
        • Understands and complies with rules for use of the Voyager fleet card
        • Reports lost or stolen gasoline credit cards
        • Reports a disputed invoice
      4. Department Contact
        • Reviews and approves departmental US Bank Voyager charges
      5. Department Head
        • Approves memorandum requesting departmental gasoline credit cards
      6. Procurement Services
        • Receives requests for departmental gasoline credit cards
        • Maintains list of current departmental contacts
        • Reports lost or stolen gasoline credit cards to US Bank Voyager
        • Disputes an invoice with US Bank Voyager
    2. Section I. Acquiring a Gasoline Credit Card
      1. A memorandum requesting gasoline credit cards is signed by the requesting department head and sent to Procurement Services. The memorandum should include the number of cards desired, the cost center/project ID number from which charges will be paid, and the name of the departmental contact if that person is not the department head.
      2. The gasoline credit cards will be assigned to a department rather than an individual.
    3. Section II. Voyager Merchant Locations


      Voyager has over 21,000 fueling and 3,600 maintenance locations in Texas. Individual cities or counties coverage can be researched online at the following link: https://www.fleetcommanderonline.com/app/public/merchantLocator.do

    4. Section III. Billing and Payment
      1. The US Bank Voyager bill is received by Accounts Payable each month. Accounts Payable separates the bill for each department having charges and determines the total charge to each department.
      2. Departmental portions of each bill are faxed to the department contacts requesting review and approval of charges by a specified return date.
      3. Upon approval by departmental contacts, Accounts Payable generates a payment document charging the designated departmental cost center/project ID.
    5. Section IV. Reporting Lost or Stolen Gasoline Credit Cards


      If the gasoline credit card is lost or stolen, the Voyager Fleet cardholder must notify Procurement Services immediately.

    6. Section V. Disputing an Invoice


      To dispute an invoice, contact Procurement Services immediately.

    7. Section VI. Termination of a Gasoline Credit Card


      When and if the card is no longer required, send an email to Procurement Services at mcbrown@uta.edu requesting the card to be canceled.

  2. Definitions


    State of Texas Council on Competitive Government (CCG): A council created by the Texas Legislature in 1993 to facilitate efficient, cost-effective, and competitive government.

  3. Relevant Federal and State Statutes


    Texas Council on Competitive Government Texas Government Code, 2203.001 Reporting Use of State Vehicle; Penalties

  4. Relevant UT System and UTA Policies, Procedures, and Forms


    UTS159, Purchasing

    Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations, Rule 20901, Procurement of Certain Goods and Services


    The following can be found by entering the document title in the search bar on the University Policies, Procedures, and Forms page:


    UTA Vehicle Fleet Management Plan (Procedure CO-CV-PR9)

  5. Who Should Know


    All UT Arlington departments who wish to acquire departmental gasoline credit cards.

  6. UTA Officer(s) Responsible for Policy


    Chief Financial Officer and Vice President

  7. Dates Approved or Amended


    April 20, 2016

  8. Contact Information


    Procurement Services

    Phone: 817-272-2194 or Email: procurement@uta.edu