Chapter A - APA Model

Part 1.0 - Mission and Vision

Section 1.2 - What We Believe

Paragraph 1.2.2 - School Model

Policy Statement: 

School Model

American Preparatory Academy is a liberal arts, classical education school model.  In the modern sense, this means that we teach a broad range of topics as opposed to "specializing" or teaching vocational skills.  In a traditional sense, it means that we adhere to the concept of the Trivium, as interpreted to represent three stages of knowledge acquisition.  The Grammar phase is identified with the young child (0-9), who easily memorizes songs, poems and factual knowledge.  The Logic phase  (9-14) is identified with learners "connecting" their factual knowledge in a logical manner, "making sense" of things.  The Rhetoric Phase (14-beyond) is that in which students learn to coherently and persuasively defend their logic in writing and speech.  (In medieval times, these three designations were subjects of study preceding the study of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.)