Chapter J - Emergency Response

Part 5.0 Crisis Intervention Plan

Section 5.2 Crisis Response Team

Policy Statement:

Team Member Roles:


Team leader works as a liaison between the principal, secretaries, crisis team members, school psychologist and teachers and staff. Assessment of needs, organization of people and evaluation of services are provided.


Team member assigned to the safe room keeps a role of team members and students. Also, helps assess and place students according to needs. Assign a hall sweeper.


Team members will sign in with safe room supervisor and take assignments in classrooms, with small groups or individuals. All team members will report back to safe room for further assignments when the first assignment is complete.


The entire team will debrief with each other and school administration, faculty and staff at the conclusion. Additional follow-up at the school if needed.


Strategies for Working with Small Groups on the Day of the Crisis:

(see Appendices for additional information):

  •  Ideally, have them in the whole class discussion before dividing them up.
  • Coordinate with administration to have adults in the halls to escort students to/from the group and to pick up strays and direct them to class.
  • Limit the time you spend and identify individuals who are having a difficult time.
  • Encourage the kids having a hard time to stay at school, but let them call home if they are not managing.
  • Use the basic format for the whole class discussion (see Appendix B).
  • Do deep breathing techniques if the kids are sobbing.
  • Remove histrionic kids from the group if they are not able to get calm.
  • Let the student ask questions and give honest, short answers.
  • Encourage students to express fears and concerns.
  • Acknowledge that life will never be the same and it will take time to make adjustments.
  • Never say "I know how it feels".