Fire Extinguisher Locations

In main hall by Kindergarten Restroom                                                                   In Custodial Closet 

In main hall by Jr. High Lockers                                                                               In Server Room

In main hall by School Office                                                                                    In Science Room

(2) in Annex hallway                                                                                                  In GYM Storage Room

Fire and/or Smoke

  1. If you discover evidence of a fire or other abnormal heat source, you must act IMMEDIATELY.
  2. If there is uncertainty regarding the source of physical evidence of smoke or fire, you must notify another responsible person, have them report to administration without delay, and you must investigate the problem immediately.
  3. If you see flames or excessive smoke, you must immediately pull the red fire alarm handle located on the west wall of the northeast exit (by ramp to gym).
  4. Staff will Call 911.
  5. Administration will use the Intercom, bullhorn or air horns to communicate with occupants.
  6. Close all windows and doors to contain the fire, but do not delay exiting the building to do so.


Building Evacuation

  1. Teachers and instructors must remain with their students at all times.
  2. Teachers must take classroom ERP clipboards with them during evacuation.
  3. In cold weather, students may randomly grab a coat from the hallway during evacuation.
  4. Staff will assist with the evacuation of the building through available exits and move all persons to a distance of at least 300 feet from the building.  Move to adjacent business parking lots if necessary.
  5. Doors should remain UNLOCKED but SHUT after exit.
  6. At evacuation area, staff must account for all persons for whom they are responsible using classroom, staff and visitor lists and rolls.  Report to administration by holding up cards indicating all persons are accounted for (GREEN), or you need help locating someone (RED).
  7. ERT Zone Leaders will make a sweep of the building, checking all restrooms (including stalls), closets, classrooms, breakout rooms and other areas to ensure all persons are evacuated.  All interior doors will be shut during the sweep.
  8. Individuals with special needs will be assigned to a specific staff member, with two back-up staff members, to assist with evacuation.
  9. Trained persons (if available) will perform CPR/First Aid as needed to injured persons, remembering "Scene Safety"  to avoid injury to rescuer and/or others.
  10. Do not move victim(s) unless risk of further injury is present.
  11. Administrators will retrieve emergency response totes/packs shed as needed (see note).
  12. Provide a floor plan and notify the fire department of the evacuation status immediately upon their arrival.
  13. After consulting with authorities, administration will determine if school will be canceled and the call tree initiated.
  14. Students will only be released to authorized persons as defined on student registration cards.

Note:  Several emergency response totes/packs are stored in the custodial closet, art room cabinet, business manager's office and the school's shed.