The policies contained herein intend to reflect the current rules and policies of American Preparatory Academy, though changes or additions may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of a conflict, current statements of Board policy contained in the Bylaws, Rules, official minutes, and other pronouncements of the Board, or superseding law, shall prevail.

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Policy Name   CategoryRevision Date
C-1.1 Staff Acceptance Statement09/01/2022
C-1.2 Employee Agreements And Acknowledgement03/24/2023
C-1.3 Ethical Conduct06/01/2023
C-10.1 Hiring Or Financial Interest Of Relatives09/01/2022
C-10.1.1 Nepotism03/24/2023
C-10.2 Background Checks03/15/2023
C-10.2.1 Personal Reporting Of Arrests09/01/2022
C-10.3 LEA-Specific Licenses03/24/2023
C-11.0 Staff Surveys03/24/2023
C-2.1 Professional Development04/10/2023
C-2.2 Staff Meetings04/10/2023
C-2.3 Emergency Response Plan Review09/01/2022
C-3.1 Staff Code Of Conduct04/10/2023
C-3.1.1 Staff Dress Code04/10/2023
C-3.1.2 Guidance For Staff With APA Children04/10/2023
C-3.1.3 Professional Staff Interaction04/10/2023
C-3.2 State License Revocation Notification09/01/2022
C-3.3 Staff Evaluation04/10/2023
C-4.1 General Staff Attendance09/01/2022
C-4.2 Work Schedule04/10/2023
C-4.3 Staff Leave09/01/2022
C-4.3.1 Sick Leave09/01/2022
C-4.3.2 Personal Leave09/01/2022
C-4.4 Drug-Free Workplace Policy04/10/2023
C-5.1 Employee Pay09/01/2022
C-5.1.1 Merit Pay04/10/2023
C-5.2 Reimbursement04/10/2023
C-5.2.1 Tuition Reimbursement04/10/2023
C-5.2.2 Mileage Reimbursement04/10/2023
C-5.2.3 Classroom Supplies09/01/2022
C-6.1 Facility Usage Outside Of School Hours09/01/2022
C-6.2 School Materials And Equipment09/01/2022
C-6.2.1 Ownership Of Curricular Materials09/01/2022
C-6.2.2 Copier And School Equipment Usage09/01/2022
C-6.2.3 Technology Usage Policy09/01/2022
C-6.2.4 Keys And Keycards04/10/2023
C-8.1 Expectation Of Privacy09/01/2022
C-8.2 Teacher Valuables09/01/2022
C-8.3 Nursing Mothers04/10/2023