The policies contained herein intend to reflect the current rules and policies of American Preparatory Academy, though changes or additions may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of a conflict, current statements of Board policy contained in the Bylaws, Rules, official minutes, and other pronouncements of the Board, or superseding law, shall prevail.

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Policy Name   CategoryRevision Date
I-1.0 Comprehensive Wellness Policy05/25/2023
I-1.1 General Student Health05/25/2023
I-1.10 Wellness Policy Maintenance 05/25/2023
I-1.11 Mental Health05/25/2023
I-1.2 Immunizations05/25/2023
I-1.3 Student Medications05/25/2023
I-1.4 Staff Medical Training05/25/2023
I-1.5 Air Quality05/25/2023
I-1.6 School Nutrition Programs05/25/2023
I-1.7 Food Served and Consumed at School05/25/2023
I-1.8 Student Assistant Safety09/01/2022
I-1.9 Physical Activity05/25/2023
I-2.1 Illness During The School Day09/01/2022
I-2.2 Concussion And Head Injury09/01/2022
I-2.3 Blood-Borne Pathogens09/01/2022
I-3.1 Safety On School Grounds09/01/2022
I-3.2 Locked Doors09/01/2022
I-3.3 Fire And Electric09/01/2022
I-3.4 Ice And Snow09/01/2022
I-3.5 Safe Schools Policy - Weapons09/01/2022
I-3.6 Chemicals And Toxic Materials09/01/2022
I-4.1 Security Cameras04/10/2023
I-4.3 Accident Reports04/10/2023
I-4.4 School Safety Violations09/01/2022
I-4.5 Searches And Seizures04/10/2023
I-4.6 Student Questioning04/10/2023
I-5.1 General Supervision06/07/2023
I-5.2 Playground Supervision04/11/2023
I-5.3 Lunchtime Supervision04/11/2023
I-5.4 Carpool Supervision09/01/2022
I-6.1 Volunteer Guidelines09/01/2022
I-6.2 Volunteer Agreement04/10/2023
I-6.4 Visitors On Campus09/01/2022
I-7.1 Child Abuse Or Neglect09/01/2022
I-7.1.1 Access to Students03/23/2023
I-7.2 Sexual Abuse Or Innuendo09/01/2022
I-7.3 SafeUT Crisis Line04/10/2023
I-8.1 Internet Safety And Acceptable Use03/24/2023
I-8.2 Data Governance Policy04/10/2023
I-8.3 Technology Security Policy03/24/2023
I-8.3.1 Remediation Plan03/24/2023
I-8.4 Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)03/23/2023
I-8.5 Digital Citizenship03/24/2023
J-1.1 Emergency Response Plan Introduction09/01/2022
J-1.2 Emergency Response Plan Objectives09/01/2022
J-1.3 ERP Communication09/01/2022
J-1.4 ERP Emergency Response Teams09/01/2022
J-1.5 ERP In Specific Situations09/01/2022
J-1.6 Disaster Incident Recovery09/01/2022
J-1.7 Emergency Response Plan Review09/01/2022
J-2.1 Emergency Drills09/01/2022
J-2.2 Earthquake Drill Script09/01/2022
J-2.3 Lockdown Drill Script09/01/2022
J-3.0 Emergency Response Plan Flipchart06/06/2023
J-3.1 Cover Page09/01/2022
J-3.10 Earthquake09/01/2022
J-3.11 Lock Down Procedure04/10/2023
J-3.12 Reverse Evac And Shelter In Place09/01/2022
J-3.13 Suicide Intervention09/01/2022
J-3.14 Hazardous Material Exposure04/10/2023
J-3.15 Bomb Threat Hostile Threat04/10/2023
J-3.16 Fire Smoke Evacuation09/01/2022
J-3.17 Medical Emergency04/10/2023
J-3.18 First Aid Checklist09/01/2022
J-3.2 Introduction04/10/2023
J-3.3 Severe Weather04/10/2023
J-3.4 Student Runaway09/01/2022
J-3.5 Suspected Child Abuse09/01/2022
J-3.6 Semi-Hostile Threat04/10/2023
J-3.7 Hostile Threat Or Intruder04/10/2023
J-3.8 Utility Failure-Power Outage04/10/2023
J-3.9 Utility Failure-Gas Or Water04/10/2023
J-4.2 Emergency Response Team09/01/2022
J-4.3 Known Hazards09/01/2022
J-4.4 Complete Premises Evacuation - Draper 109/01/2022
J-4.5 Emergency Contact Information09/01/2022
J-5.1 Public Information Officer Responsibilities09/01/2022
J-5.2 Crisis Response Team09/01/2022
J-5.3 Director's Checklist09/01/2022
J-5.4 Teachers And Staff Responsibilities09/01/2022
J-6.1 Out-Of-Session Building Emergency09/01/2022
PR-I-5.2.1 Spinner Safety And Use04/10/2023
PR-I-5.5 Bleachers Operation And Supervision09/01/2022
PR-I-5.6 Parent Supervisory Responsibilities09/01/2022