Chapter D - Communication

Part 5.0 Staff to Parent

Section 5.3 Academic Communication

Paragraph 5.3.1 Parent-Teacher Conferences


Policy Statement:

Parent-Teacher Conferences

In grades K-6, at the end of the first and third quarters, the teacher will meet with parent(s)/guardian(s) of each student in their class in a parent-teacher conference.  The outline to use for the conference is the SEP and the PTC Promotion Discussion form, a copy of which is included in the Grade Level Guide.  During this conference, goals for student achievement are set with the input of the parent/guardian. In grades 4-6 students may be invited to attend.

In grades 7-10, conferences are held according to the school calendar.  Students will attend these conferences.

In grades K-6, at the end of the 2nd quarters, teachers will meet with parents who desire to conference with the teacher, or with a parent of any student who is not reaching the benchmarks set for promotion, or with a parent with whom the teacher feels a conference would benefit the student in some other way.  Conferences after 2nd quarter are to be held on Thursday and Friday, and not on Wednesday, to allow for uninterrupted team meeting schedules.

Upon parental or teacher request, instructors may be invited to attend parent-teacher conferences.  However, homeroom teachers are to take the lead in scheduling all conferences and should be in attendance at all conferences that involve their homeroom students.