Chapter C - Human Resources

Part 5.0 Employee Compensation

Section 5.2 Reimbursement

Paragraph 5.2.3 Classroom Supplies

Policy Statement:


Teachers will be allotted a budget of $350 to be used for the purchase of items needed and used in the classroom.  $100 may be used for incidental classroom supplies such as stickers, plan book, dry-erase markers, correcting pens, et cetera.  The remaining $250 is to be used to purchase items that support the curricular program in the classroom - books, reference books, maps, et cetera.  An Expense Report must be filled out clarifying which category the purchase falls into (incidental or curriculum expense) and submitted to the Academic Director.  She will initial the Expense Report to signify the items have been inventoried before reimbursement can be made and will forward the Expense Report to the Business Manager.

Teachers may wish to discuss with the Academic Director which items they are looking for and would like to purchase so that the administration can assist the teacher in finding the items at the best price possible.  Curricular items purchased must be checked in by the administration (stamped with the American Prep stamp and entered into the American Prep Inventory).


Instructors will be allotted a budget of $175 to be used for the purchase of consumable items for student motivation such as stickers, et cetera.  Instructors will fill out an Expense Report form, attach their receipts and submit them to the Business Manager for reimbursement.