Chapter C - Human Resources

Part 4.0 Staff Attendance

Section 4.3 Staff Leave

Paragraph 4.3.1 Sick Leave

Policy Statement:

Sick Leave

American Prep full-time employees are allowed 5 total paid days per year, regardless of the reason for the absence, be it sick leave or personal leave.  In the case of illness, staff members should call the following numbers as soon as they recognize they will not be attending school, (often is the night before) and at least by 6:00 a.m. of the day of absence to report their absence.  To protect the dignity and respect of APA staff, it is not necessary that you give details regarding your illness.  You may simply leave a message stating the date and that you are ill and will not be attending school.  We will assume you will be absent the entire day unless you leave more detailed information (such as - "I'm going to the doctor's at 9:00 and I may be in by noon - I'll call in later").

Staff:  Contact Cathie Adamson - 801-674-7455