Chapter A - APA Model

Part 1.0 - Mission and Vision

Section 1.3 - Virtuous Character Development

Paragraph 1.3.2 - Ambassador Program

Policy Statement:

Ambassador Program

American Preparatory Academy's mission statement is committed to two pillars: academic excellence and strong character development.  The Ambassador Program takes APA's scholars and helps them become exceptional citizens: citizens with confidence, poise, and a commitment to positively contribute to the world in which they live. 

The Ambassador Program is designed to develop the leadership qualities of an Ambassador.  An Ambassador is a Representative, an Advocate, and a Leader - an individual who naturally puts into action the social and professional protocols necessary for success in the business world, educational pursuits, and family relationships.

The Ambassador Program begins in the elementary grades with the character traits of a builder.  Each month the administration teaches the virtues of a new Builder Motto.  These Mottos are introduced at the Show What You Know K-6, weekly assembly. The first Wednesday assembly of the month includes the new Builder Motto instruction and the past Builder Motto student awards.

In each classroom, focus is given to the professional protocols of social dining, introductions, greeting others, and making eye contact. In fifth grade, the extended Wednesday workshops begin, combining games and activities in a festive and fun atmosphere to teach further professional skills.  

As an APA student progresses through Secondary Education, the Ambassador calendar includes: service projects, cultural events, legislative experiences, mentoring, and other opportunities to practice the professional and social skills they are mastering.

The Ambassador Program is a part of the APA curriculum.  Attendance at Ambassador training and events is required.