Chapter C - Human Resources

Part 3.0 Professionalism

Section 3.3 Staff Evaluation


Policy Statement:

Staff Evaluation

Annually at the conclusion of the school year, unless other arrangements are made, you should receive a performance evaluation. Your supervisor will be observing your effectiveness in performing your work and should discuss your performance with you. American Preparatory Academy's performance evaluation program is intended to be participatory, involving your input as much as that of your supervisor, thereby helping you to contribute to the growth and improvement of American Preparatory Academy.

Performance evaluations serve as one factor in decisions related to employment such as training, merit pay increases, job assignments, employee development, promotions, and retention. Reports are to identify specific performance levels as compared to established standards, to acknowledge the merit of above-standard performance, and to prescribe the means and methods of correcting performance deficiencies to the required level of performance. Performance evaluations do not necessarily result in merit increases.

Most teachers will also receive coaching several times throughout the year, which may include written and/or verbal feedback from the coach.  This may occur at any time during the year with or without notice.