Staff Dress Code 

It is not the intent of the American Prep administration to outline a specific uniform for staff members, however, the following guidelines should be considered. The student dress code at APA is one that helps to create an environment of respect and dignity. Student dress exemplifies student respect for themselves, their classmates, and for learning. Staff dress should meet these same goals regarding exemplifying respect for themselves, their colleagues, and for learning. In addition, we often have visitors to the school and hope to reflect our work's importance in our professional appearance.  

A well-groomed appearance and good personal hygiene are important and give confidence in your overall effectiveness. Staff should consider the level of formality of the student uniform, and ensure that their dress rises to at least the same level of formality. This is quite simple for male staff members, and is more challenging for female staff members. This section is intended to provide guidance, and additional information can be sought from the staff member's supervisor.

  • Male staff members (with the exception of Operations, IT, Lunch, and PE staff members) 
    • Dress slacks, khaki slacks
    • Collared dress shirt and necktie
    •  Professional shoes - no flip-flops or casual tennis shoes, et cetera
    • Male staff should maintain well-groomed facial hair or be clean-shaven.
  • Female staff members (with the exception of Operations, IT, Lunch, and PE staff members)
    •  dresses, skirts, or dress slacks that are not tight-fitting, no outside pockets, "pinch an inch" of fabric on the sides/front/back
    • no leggings or yoga pants unless they are under a dress that goes to the knee
    • blouses, shirts with collars, jackets, blazers, cardigans - no T-shirts
    • Professional shoes - no flip-flops or casual tennis shoes

Modesty should be an important consideration when determining appropriate dress for staff members. Shirts with sleeves and dresses or skirts at least to the knees are appropriate.

  • All staff members:
    • No facial ornaments such as jewelry in piercings should be worn by staff members.
    • It is preferred that tattoos are not visible.
    • Hair should be well-groomed and non-distracting.
    • Hair colors must be natural.
  • Operations/IT/Lunch Staff/PE: Dress must meet "Friday Dress" dress standards as outlined below.
  • Designated  Friday Dress: Staff may wear a collared shirt (blouse, button-up, or polo) with slacks/skirts that are not tight fitting. No tie is required for men. 
  • Jeans are NEVER allowed as part of the daily dress code Monday-Thursday or Friday Dress. There are "Jeans Days" from time to time to mark a special occasion/goal achieved, and the appropriate attire for Jeans Days is modest jeans without holes.