Chapter C - Human Resources

Part 1.0 Staff Acceptance of Policy

Section 1.2 Employee Agreements and Acknowledgement


Policy Statement:

The talents, skills and services of staff are important to the American Preparatory Academy (the school) in accomplishing its Mission. The purpose of this policy section is to:

1. Establish standards and guidelines for staff so that both the employee and the school understand the parameters of the employment relationship and the acceptable relationship between adults and minors.

2. Reduce the risk of unwanted legal exposure to both staff and the school.

3. To provide a safe, nurturing and secure environment for students, volunteers and staff.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Employment at the school requires access to information that is confidential or otherwise considered by the federal government, state government, school, community, parents, guardians or students to be privileged and confidential. Confidential information may be received and maintained by staff under a promise of confidentiality to perform many job duties while employed at the school. Maintaining the confidentiality of such information is primarily the responsibility of the user of the information. Staff members who access confidential information undertake this responsibility as a condition of employment. This Agreement shall govern the conditions of disclosure by the school of certain "Confidential Information" including but not limited to student names, student information, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), school records, staff information, staff records, financial information, data, trade secrets and any and all intellectual property relating to the school, its operations, staff and student body. With regard to Confidential Information, I agree:

1. To safeguard the confidential information against disclosure to others with the same degree of care as I would with my own information of a similar nature.

2. Not to disclose confidential information to others, without the express written permission of the school.

3. That the secrecy obligations with respect to the confidential information shall continue indefinitely.


Work Product Agreement

I acknowledge that I neither gain nor retain ownership rights to the work product of the material provided to me, used, or created by me in conjunction with any school project. I understand that the school has sole ownership of the work product and may use the results of my efforts in any manner appropriate including licensing such work product to others. I agree to return all materials provided to me during my employment.

Safe School Environment and Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

The school strives to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for students and staff. With regard to providing a safe school environment:

1. I understand that I am expected to maintain a high ethical and professional standard in their interaction with both adults and minors.

2. I understand that I am prohibited from using physical discipline (including corporal punishment) in any way for the behavior management of students, except insofar as restraint may be necessary to prevent a student from inflicting harm on themselves or others, in which case a detailed written record of the incident is to be made. I understand that clear professional boundaries must exist between minors and adults.

3. I understand that I must schedule one-on-one counseling sessions or meetings with minors at times and locations that promote accountability, in an open room setting without closed doors, and only if readily observable by others who may be in the room or hallway, and meet accepted standards of propriety.

4. I agree that I shall not engage in any form of unlawful, unacceptable or offensive behavior with students, parents/legal guardians, staff or visitors to the school which may include, but is not limited to:

(a) verbal harassment, such as derogatory comments, jokes, or slurs;

(b) visual harassment, such as derogatory or sexually explicit printed material, books, magazines, posters, cards, calendars, cartoons, graffiti, drawings, notes, or gestures;

(c) sexual advances or other physical conduct or contact of a sexual nature;

(d) physical harassment, such as inappropriate touching, hitting, kicking, grabbing or any other form of aggressive, abrasive or harassing physical contact;

(e) other behavior deemed offensive or inappropriate by school administration.

5. I understand that unless the school has a parent or legal guardian's knowledge and consent in the form of a written permission slip, I am never to drive students in my vehicle, before, during or after school unless there is a medical emergency requiring immediate medical care. When authorized to do so, I will operate my vehicle in accordance with the law.

6. I understand that extra-curricular activities, school programs, or special instruction sessions shall not be conducted by only one adult without additional adult presence and/or must be conducted at times and locations that promote accountability, in an open room setting without closed doors, and only if readily observable by others who may be in the room or hallway, and meet accepted standards of propriety.

7. I understand that I should not be alone in locker rooms or other dressing rooms with a single or small group of students without another adult present. I understand that I must avoid these areas while students are changing unless student behavioral issues warrant the presence of adults. I understand that at least 2 (two) staff members must be present during these times.


I acknowledge receipt of the Non-Disclosure agreement, Work Product Agreement and Safe School Environment Code of Conduct. I affirm that I understand the policies and procedures contained in these documents. I agree, as a condition of employment and/or service at American Preparatory Academy, to abide by these policies and procedures and that my failure to follow them may result in disciplinary actions, including termination of employment.