Paragraph 9.2.5 Damage to Facility

Policy Statement:

Renter accepts all responsibility for care, custody, and control of the School Facility as outlined in this agreement for the duration of the event(s) or while event-associated activities occur on school property, whichever is longer. Designated rooms, restrooms, entry & exit routes, connecting portions of the school, parking, and adjacent grounds are included as part of The School Facility. The School Facility will also expand to include any areas Renter's guests go, or activities in any way associated with The Renter's event occur. It is Renter's responsibility to confine all guests and activities to designated areas only.

Should damage in any way associated with Renter's Event occur to School property, facilities or grounds, Renter agrees to bear the cost of repair or replacement.

Renter is required to report any damage to School upon discovery to prevent additional injury to property or patrons of the school.

Updated 09/24/2019