Chapter J-Emergency Response

Part 5.0 Crisis Intervention Plan

Section 5.3 Director's Checklist

Policy Statement:

Director's Checklist

  • Meet with the Crisis Support Team.
  • Identify staff and close friends of deceased
    • How are they impacted?
    •  Identify students/staff indirectly impacted
    • Siblings/friends at other schools
    • If possible, some students and staff (best friends) should be notified prior to whole student body (wait for direction from POI).
  • Follow the POI's direction in all communications with staff, parents, and students
    • Utilize staff phone tree, e-mail, individual memorandum or staff meeting to notify staff (see Appendices J-L for contact information).
    • Take action immediately, delay feeds rumors.
    • Exception, do not make announcement at the end of school day when there is no time to provide services and support.
    • Use individual classrooms to notify students.
    • Refer law enforcement, the media, or parent questions beyond the scope of the scripted statement to the POI
  • Discuss with the POI an appropriate school representative to make contact with the family.
  • Arrange for crisis rooms; counseling office, multipurpose room, etc.
  • Arrange some staff members to escort students to and from crisis rooms and to be watching the halls and restrooms.
  • Reschedule pending activities to accommodate crisis response.
  • Pull deceased student's attendance card, exit from computer.
  • Arrange for deceased student's belongings to be collected and held for the family.
  • Continue school as usual.