Chapter J - Emergency Response

Part 4.0 Draper ERP

Section 4.4 Complete Premises Evacuation

Policy Statement:

Complete Premises Evacuation

Due to incidents that may occur such as a hazardous material spill on the freeway or a natural gas leak, it may be necessary to evacuate the premises to a safer location.

  1. Call 911 immediately for emergency help.  Do not wait for emergency help to arrive unless instructed to do so.
  2. Fire evacuation procedures (bring ERP clipboards) are used to evacuate the building with three exceptions:
    1. Students and staff may obtain coats to keep warm during winter months (unless otherwise instructed).
    2. Staff should bring the blue classroom ERP kits when instructed.
    3. Building occupants must exit to the south of the property and proceed to a park located at approximately 13175 S. 420 W.
  3. Proceed in a safe, orderly fashion, keeping students off of the road, out of traffic.
  4. DIRECTIONS TO THE PARK:  From the south side of the school, proceed WEST (right) on Golden Harvest Rd. (the road south of the school) to Green Clover Rd. (420 West).  Proceed SOUTH (left) on Green Clover Rd. to the park (approximately 13175 S).
  5. Administration will place signs on the north fence and main entry doors directing parents/guardians to the park.  The signs are stored in the school's shed.
  6. Staff must remain calm and maintain order during the evacuation.
  7. Teachers and administrators will take roll to account for all persons.
  8. School secretaries will bring student emergency contact information to the park.
  9. Administrators will bring emergency response totes to the park as needed (see note).
  10. After consulting with authorities, administration will determine if school will be canceled.
  11. In the event of cancellation, the calling tree will be initiated to begin carpool FROM THE PARK.
  12. Students will only be released to authorized persons as defined on student registration cards.

Note: Several emergency response totes/packs are stored in the custodial closet, art room cabinet, business manager's office and the school's shed.