Utility Failure Power Outage - During School

  1. Teachers must remain with their classes and use teaching materials prepared in advance for such an occurrence.  Students not in their regular classrooms (students being instructed in breakout rooms, etc.) must return to their classrooms after five minutes of power outage.
  2. If it is necessary to dial 911 during a power outage [affecting the school's phone system], staff must use cell phones or, if necessary, go to nearby businesses or residences to make the call.
  3. Administration will communicate by messenger.
  4. Administration will be responsible for checking restrooms, paying particular attention to the elementary restrooms (including kindergarten).  Portable lighting (available in a marked tote in the custodial closet) will be placed in restrooms after five minutes.
  5. The power company will be contacted by administration after three minutes of outage.  Rocky Mountain Power: 1-877-548-3768.
  6. After one hour, administration will contact the power company for an update and will determine if school will be canceled.  Every effort will be made to keep the school open.
  7. Administration will use the calling tree if necessary.
  8. Staff members will prepare students for departure and help them exit the building.
  9. Students who remain at the school after carpool will remain in their respective classrooms or consolidated into other classrooms when appropriate.
  10. Staff must remain with students to ensure safety.