Suspected Child Abuse

  1. Maintain confidentiality.
  2. Staff members have a legal obligation to report child abuse to school administrators.
  3. Notify the Director or in the Director's absence, the Business Manager, Assistant Director or School Counselor immediately.
  4. The Director will notify the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in a timely manner and will follow DCFS procedures as outlined.  DCFS:  1-800-678-9399, 801-281-5151 or 801-538-4377
  5. Child(ren) will be released to a parent/legal guardian at the direction of appropriate authorities.  When appropriate authorities are not available to give express instruction to retain child(ren); unless a reasonable person could conclude that the child(ren) are in immediate and significant risk of death or serious injury, the students must be released to a parent/legal guardian.  Call 911 to obtain help from the Police if necessary.