Reverse Evacuation/Secure Perimeter

  1. Staff will report unusual events to administration.
  2. A reverse evacuation will occur when an external threat not related to APA may impact the school such as a prisoner, criminal or suspect loose in the area.
  3. All students and staff will enter the building immediately and stay clear of exits.
  4. Staff will close the mini-blinds on all windows.
  5. Administration will determine, after consulting with local authorities, if exterior doors will be locked or entry monitoring is needed.  Entry and exiting of the school building may be restricted for visitors, students and staff during a reverse evacuation.
  6. Building occupants will stay indoors until someone in authority announces that the emergency is over and that is safe to exit the building.


Shelter-in-place is used to reduce the risk of an external or internal threat affecting school occupants and can be a pre-cursor to a school lock-down.

  1. Administration will announce shelter-in-place instructions specific to each situation.
  2. Be prepared to go into lock-down by reviewing the "Lock-Down Procedure" tab (above).
  3. Typical shelter-in-place instructions may include:
    • close windows and blinds, close, or close and lock classroom doors
    • turn off ventilation system.
    • all staff, students and visitors remain inside the school facility
    • all staff , students and visitors remain inside classrooms
    • all staff, students and visitors report to the gym