J-3.11 Lock Down Procedure
Chapter J - Emergency Response

  1. buildings, overhead power lines and other tall items.
  2. Shortly after quaking has stopped (count to 120 or 180), if appropriate, all persons must exit the building using the school's "Building Evacuation" plan (see tab below).  A staff member must walk the perimeter of the building to assess potential hazards that may be present before anyone exits.  Mark the hazards with orange cones as appropriate. Building occupants will exit through the safest path,    staying away from fallen electrical wires and fixtures.
  3. If easily accessible, staff should locate and bring the blue classroom ERP kits (marked with a red cross).
  4. Students and staff must not evacuate to areas where power lines are present and must not touch downed power lines or electrical wires of any kind.
  5. If needed, administration will turn off the natural gas valve(s) to the building (SE corner of main building, SW corner of annex).  A wrench is attached to the gas valve.
  6. Administrators will retrieve emergency response totes/packs and emergency food items as needed (see note).
  7. Trained persons should apply appropriate CPR/First Aid if necessary.
  8. Administration will determine if school will be canceled and will use the calling tree.
  9. Students will only be released to authorized persons as defined on student registration cards.
Note:  Several emergency response totes/packs are stored in the custodial closet, art room cabinet, business manager's office and the school's shed
  1. INTRUDER- Threat is ON school grounds
  2. WARNING- Threat is OFF school grounds and/or NOT imminent

I'm the first to witness an intruder threat, what do I do?


(All staff are empowered to call for an INTRUDER lockdown when appropriate.  Only Admin may call for a WARNING lockdown)

  1. ANNOUNCE             Activate phone all-school page and announce: "LOCKDOWN with INTRUDER- Police are on their way."   (Repeat 2 times)
  2. 911                            Call 911 or have someone else (preferably admin) call
  3. SECURE                   Activate Lockdown reader to lock all exterior doors
  4. INFORM                    Inform Admin if they are not already engaged.

LOCKDOWN PROCEDURES-  Immediate:  (Staff & Students)

  1. Gather      Quickly gather students and others near you and get to a safe, locking location
  2. Lock         Lock the door & don't open for ANYONE!  Those authorized have keys. Be prepared to ignore any fire alarms.
  3. Hide          Cover windows, turn off lights & get down on floor away from doors & windows.
  4. Silence     Be absolutely SILENT.  Listen for further instructions. Confiscate any student phones and silence your own.

LOCKDOWN PROCEDURES-  Followup:  (When safe to do so)

  1. Roll           Account for all in your room and complete the Accountability Report
  2. Tell           Place RED indicator on window cover if you have a LIFE THREATENING injury or medical emergency inside
  3. Help          Provide medical care as appropriate


  • If outside prepare to move by gathering and silencing students.  Use your best judgment to hide & protect your students and self if a threat is suspected or present.  When and where possible a Zone Leader will come to assist you with finding a safe location.

Release from Lockdown.

  • Directed and methodically performed by Law Enforcement or School staff (NEVER by announcement)