1. Students and staff must Drop and Cover under desks, tables, doorways, etc.  Stay away from windows.  If outside, move away from buildings, overhead power lines and other tall items.
  2. Shortly after quaking has stopped (count to 120 or 180), if appropriate, all persons must exit the building using the school's "Building Evacuation" plan (see tab below).  A staff member must walk the perimeter of the building to assess potential hazards that may be present before anyone exits.  Mark the hazards with orange cones as appropriate. Building occupants will exit through the safest path,    staying away from fallen electrical wires and fixtures.
  3. If easily accessible, staff should locate and bring the blue classroom ERP kits (marked with a red cross).
  4. Students and staff must not evacuate to areas where power lines are present and must not touch downed power lines or electrical wires of any kind.
  5. If needed, administration will turn off the natural gas valve(s) to the building (SE corner of main building, SW corner of annex).  A wrench is attached to the gas valve.
  6. Administrators will retrieve emergency response totes/packs and emergency food items as needed (see note).
  7. Trained persons should apply appropriate CPR/First Aid if necessary.
  8. Administration will determine if school will be canceled and will use the calling tree.
  9. Students will only be released to authorized persons as defined on student registration cards.

Note:  Several emergency response totes/packs are stored in the custodial closet, art room cabinet, business manager's office and the school's shed.