Chapter J - Emergency Response

Part 1.0 Emergency Response Plan

Section 1.4 ERP Emergency Response Teams

Policy Statement:

Emergency Response Teams

The School Emergency Response Team (ERT) will be led by the Director of Operations or in the Director of Operations absence, the Operations Manager, will follow the ERP organizational structure as outlined in Appendix A.  The Director of Operations (or others) will maintain leadership and management responsibilities.

The Director of Operations assigns ERT members appropriate areas of situation management.  These areas are outlined in this plan and may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Evacuation of the school
  • Procurement and/or disbursement of emergency water and food supplies
  • Physical facilities for shelter
  • Protection from the elements (heat, cold, etc.)
  • First Aid and medical services coordination
  • Transportation coordination
  • Communications network and equipment
  • Communication and coordination with local, county, state and federal authorities or agencies
  • Public relations and media coordination

ERT members and staff members will be given specific responsibilities and assignments as dictated by the nature of the emergency situation.  Staff members will be responsible for carrying out specific duties as directed by the ERT members.  ERT and staff members will be required to account for all students, staff members and visitors immediately upon school evacuation and report results to the Director of Operations or other members of the ERT.

When an emergency has been declared, the Emergency Response Team will be alerted by a method appropriate to the situation.  ERT members are required to communicate with the Director of Operations immediately.

When applicable and after evacuation procedures, the school's ERT will assemble at the front office (interior setting) or toward the northeast property line (exterior setting), if they are accessible.  ERT members should bring appropriate emergency equipment to the place of assembly if the situation deems it necessary.  Each ERT member is required to meet at the assembly area to provide input and receive instruction, unless otherwise instructed by the Director of Operations, or the life or safety of others will be compromised by a team member's leaving.  A messenger must be sent instead to confirm the location of a team member.

ERT Zones

Zones have been identified in the school buildings (see Site Maps).  An ERT member is assigned to a specific zone as a Zone Leader.

Specific duties of the Zone Leaders will be determined by the Director of Operations and will include timely evacuation and "zone sweeping" to insure 100% evacuation and to close all interior doors within their zone when appropriate.  It is essential that, in an emergency, Zone Leaders go immediately to their zones to coordinate ERP efforts in those areas, including evacuation of all rooms, closets, restrooms and common areas when appropriate.  In the event of an absence, the next closest zone leader will sweep two zones.  Zone Leaders must immediately report to the Director of Operations and secretarial staff upon complete evacuation of the school.