Chapter J - Emergency Response

Part 1.0 Emergency Response Plan

Section 1.3 ERP Communication

Policy Statement:

Emergency Response Plan Communication

Communication during an emergency situation is critical to the success of any ERP.  Staff members must communicate with others, including local community leaders, in order to ensure all students, staff and visitors are safe and secure.  Communications include:

  • Telephone (cell phones)
  • Motorola two-way radios
  • Verbal and written correspondence
  • Megaphone
  • Air horn
  • Hand signals
  • Whistles

The School Directory, including street addresses is attached (Appendix A).  In the event the local telephone network is not functional, cellular phones should be used.

Communication devices will be used for the purpose of ensuring and determining the safety and status of each person on school grounds, and for communicating assignments to that end.