Chapter J - Emergency Response

Part 1.0 Emergency Response Plan

Section 1.1 ERP Introduction

Policy Statement:

Emergency Response Plan Introduction

Destructive, dangerous and violent events will occur in our lifetimes.  Only preparation can dispel fear of these situations and mitigate their effects.  Individual staff members should prepare to be as self-reliant as possible in times of emergency so they may assist in securing the safety of APA's students, staff and school property.

School staff must understand that school administrators have authority to direct efforts in an emergency situation.  School leaders should understand that civil authorities have priority in directing efforts to respond to emergencies once on scene.  All staff members should act under the direction of public agencies when they are assigned.  No staff members are permitted to speak with the media during or after an emergency situation except those administrators who are assigned this responsibility by the school's Governing Board.

Legal Reference:  Rule R277-400 School Emergency Response Plans