Chapter A - APA Model

Part 4.0 School Committee

Section 4.4 Human Rights Committee


Policy Statement:


1)     This is a district-level committee.

2)     Members include:

  1. The Executive Director
  2. The district SPED Director or her designee
  3. No fewer than 2 other professionals with behavioral knowledge
  4. A parent of a student with disabilities, preferably a member of the governing board
  5. At least one other parent, preferably a member of the governing board

3)     The governing board chair will either serve as or appoint the chair of the Human Rights Committee.



1)     Participate in training in evidenced-based techniques for the prevention of seclusion and physical restraint as well as training related to positive behavioral interventions, conflict prevention, functional behavior assessments, de-escalation and conflict management.

2)     Within 5 days of receiving an appeal concerning a disagreement over behavioral interventions in an IEP, the HR Committee chair should initiate steps to conduct a conference to resolve differences and, if possible, avoid a hearing.  The chair should document all contact with the parties involved. The behavioral intervention in question should not be implemented during the appeal process.  The appeal conference should be completed within 15 school days, and steps should be taken to avoid an adversarial atmosphere.  The district SPED director may grant an extension of up to 10 school days.  The recommendation of the Committee should not conflict with state or federal law.  A copy of the written recommendation should be mailed to each party within 5 school days following the conference.

3)     Review each incident where highly intrusive procedures are involved (whether or not an IEP student is involved).

4)     Review data regarding highly intrusive interventions in order to determine proper usage, need for additional staff training(s), and potential problems with the denial of FAPE for IDEA-qualified students.



1)     The Human Rights Committee will meet regularly, in conjunction with the monthly governing board meetings, as required by their duties.

2)     Meetings regarding individual incidents will be closed.

3)     Meetings will be documented in minutes.  The district SPED director will maintain a record of those minutes.

4)     The meetings will include training for parents on the Committee provided by the district SPED director or his/her designee at least annually.

5)     The meeting will include review of data at least annually.