Chapter I - Health and Safety

Part 6.0 Volunteer.Student Security

Section 6.4 Visitors on Campus

Policy Statement:

Visitors on Campus

All visitors to school campus are required to enter through the main entrance, stop at the school office and sign in.  The school prohibits visitors from knocking to gain entrance or entering from any other door.  Upon approval, visitors will receive a Visitors Badge and may enter other areas of the school as authorized.  Upon exiting, visitors must sign out and surrender Visitor Badges.  The school reserves the right to limit access when a compromise, or perceived compromise, to school, staff or student safety is present, or eminently present, or when student instruction may be disrupted.  Unauthorized visitors may be escorted from the school premises or property and school staff are authorized to contact the police department for assistance by force if necessary.  Visitors may not harass, threaten or bully others on school property, including their own family members