Chapter I - Health and Safety

Part 5.0 Student Supervision

Section 5.3 Lunchtime Supervision

Policy Statement:

Lunchtime Supervision

Elementary:  Students eat lunch in their classroom at their desks. There should be a 10-minute "chew time" at the beginning of lunch during to allow the students to concentrate on eating their lunch. During this time, the instructor may wish to read aloud to the students or play a book on tape. After the chew time, students should be allowed to converse and finish eating their lunch. Teachers schedule a minimum of 20-25 minutes for lunch in the classroom. If a student needs more time, they should be allowed to take their lunch out to recess to finish.

Secondary: Lunch is divided into 2-3 separate lunch periods by grade. Secondary students eat lunch in the cafeteria or multipurpose room (varies by campus). The lunch period is 20 minutes. There will be two lunchtime supervisors at a minimum each day. Secondary students will have access to a microwave to heat up their lunch. Students may not eat their lunches in the classrooms without approval. Lunchtime supervisors must ensure students leave the lunch and recess areas clear of all trash and wipe down tables and benches prior to the end of the lunch period. APA campuses are closed campuses and students are not allowed to leave the premises for lunch.