Chapter I - Health and Safety

Part 4.0 Privacy and School Safety

Section 4.1 Security Cameras

Policy Statement:

Security Cameras

Policy Statement:

To increase security for our students, staff, and to facilitate staff development, security cameras are installed at all APA campus classrooms that record both audio and video. Staff members sign the "Staff Acceptance Statements," and parents sign the "Acceptance of Policy" statement recognizing that there is no expectation of privacy on any APA property related to security/training cameras.

Recordings are retained for a limited time, based on the storage capacity of the equipment. The school may disclose records to local law enforcement agencies, when applicable. Recordings are considered private records and are not subject to GRAMA requests.

Recordings of qualifying disciplinary incidents may be considered part of the student's educational record. Administrative permission is required to disclose a recording to an outside party. 


In the case of disciplinary incidents or other cases where it may be beneficial for parents to view security tape footage, administrators may provide parents access to the video footage. If there are other students in the video, parents will be asked to sign a non-disclosure form prior to viewing the video footage.