Chapter I - Health and Safety

Part 3.0 Building Security and Safety

Section 3.2 Locked Doors

Policy Statement:

Outside Doors

  1. Main entrance doors will be unlocked each day for shortly before student arrival.
  2. To ensure the safety of all building occupants ONLY the main entry doors should be used for visitor access and all visitors must sign in with the school secretary.  All other doors must remain closed and locked at all times.  All other doors remain locked throughout the school day.
  3. Never leave an unattended door propped open or allow a locked door to be opened for a visitor.  Instead, instruct them by redirecting them to the secretary through the main entrance.  Visitors are any non-student or non-staff member.
  4. Staff should always carry their key card allowing them appropriate access through locked doors.
  5. Students may not let visitors into any door of the school except through the main entrance. 

Interior Doors

  1. Classrooms should remain locked when they are vacant, except during fire drills (or actual fires) when doors will be shut and unlocked.
  2. Teachers and Instructors should carry their keys so they can easily unlock doors when needed and resist leaving doors unlocked.
  3. The workroom door should remain closed during the day and locked after 3:30 p.m. Due to the dangerous tools in the workroom (such as cutting boards) students are not allowed in the workroom.
  4. Administration and other staff shall ensure that office doors and rooms or cabinets containing confidential school records (see the Records Management Policy) are never left open or unsecure.  In no case shall office or cabinet doors containing confidential school records be left open or unattended.