Chapter I - Health and Safety

Part 2.0 Illness or Accident

Section: 2.1 Illness During the School Day

Policy Statement:

Illness During the School Day

In case of illness, students will come to the school office. School staff will contact parents if they deem it is necessary. Students who are ill (fever, vomiting, excessive or productive coughing, runny nose and/or eyes) must be picked up immediately from school. If a parent cannot be reached, the emergency contact listed on the student enrollment form will be notified to come and pick up the student. If a student feels ill but there are no obvious symptoms of illness, the school secretary may, after conferring with the parent, invite the student to rest in the school office for 10 to 15 minutes to determine if the symptoms will subside. If the student is not feeling better after this time, the parents will be contacted again and will need to pick up the student.