Chapter I - Health and Safety
Part 1.0 Student Health
Section 1.7 Food Served and Consumed at School
Purpose of Policy
Encourage healthy eating choices by following the policies listed below.
I. Beverages
Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and drink water throughout the day. Water is available via drinking fountains and refill stations. Milk is included with the purchase of a school lunch, and is available to be purchased separately for students bringing a home lunch. Students are not allowed to consume the following beverages during school hours: drinks with red dye, soda, or drinks containing stimulants of any kind, including caffeine or herbal stimulants. Caffeinated sodas and energy drinks are not allowed to be sold or provided to students on the school premises.
II. Sale of Food and Beverages
All food and beverages sold on campus during the school day (any time before school and 30 minutes after school) will meet the Smart Snacks in School nutrition guidelines as required by NSLP standards. Each campus may apply for up to 3 exemptions per year, as allowed by USBE. School directors will complete an exemption form and submit it where it will be kept with other National School Lunch Program records.

American Preparatory Academy does not participate in the sale of foodstuffs to students from vending machines.
Concessions and other food sold or distributed after school hours, for fundraisers or special events, are permitted. 
III. Food Provided in the Classroom
Staff use non-sugar motivators to incentivize students (bookmarks, pencils, stickers etc.) except as approved by a director. Food provided to students during culminating activities, as classroom rewards, or Ambassador events held during the regular school day (any time before school and 30 minutes after school) will meet Smart Snack requirements as outlined below unless it is directly connected to the curriculum being presented or approved by a director.
In place of cupcakes or other birthday treats, parents who wish to recognize a child’s birthday may do so by providing pencils, erasers, or other minor items for classmates. 
IV. Celebration of Holidays
At American Prep, we celebrate holidays as they align with our curriculum.  At times, holiday traditions may be incorporated and may into the fun, culminating activities that go along with our units of study in History and Science. We do not celebrate Halloween at school. If students wish to exchange Valentine cards or treats in February(completely optional), they may within the following guidelines:  1. All classmates must be included in the giving. 2. Treats must be wrapped as they will be placed in backpacks to be enjoyed at home. 
V. Food and Beverage Marketing
American Preparatory Academy does not allow third-parties to market food or beverages to students during school hours.