Chapter G - Academics

Part 6.0 Testing

Section 6.1 Testing at APA

Policy Statement:

Testing at APA

American Prep is a data-driven educational institution.  In order to gather accurate data from which to make sound instructional decisions, proper testing procedures must be followed.  As a public school we are required to participate in U-PASS, and again, it is critical that we follow all testing protocols to ensure compliance and to achieve the desired outcome of reliable assessment data from which to structure our programs and ensure the academic success of each student.

Included in the staff binder distributed to each teacher/instructor is a section entitled "Testing at American Prep."  Current testing procedures, policies and protocols are listed in that section of the binder.  As staff members receive additional and ongoing testing information from the administration, they should add it to this section of their binder.

It is the responsibility of all teacher/instructors to read and understand the testing procedures and protocols.  Adherence to them will help us ensure accurate data collection from which we will build our academic program.  Violation of testing protocols will result in a disciplinary conference with the School Director and appropriate Assistant Directors and the teacher.