Chapter G - Academics

Part 2.0 Academic Programs

Section 2.4 Classroom Activities

Paragraph 2.4.1 Culminating Activities

Policy Statement:

Major Culminating Activities

Elementary:  Each grade (grades K-6) will host two major culminating activities per year.  These activities will be based upon Core Knowledge curricular subjects.  The grade-level teams will determine the scope of the activities.  Dates for the activities should be given to school administration by the end of each school year for the following year.

Minor Culminating Activities

Elementary: Core Knowledge Units should end with a minor culminating activity, unless they end with a major activity.  Administration should be notified of the date and time of these activities, as should parents via the monthly newsletter.  Information about culminating activities, including resources, special items, contact information for specialists, etc., should be recorded and included in the Academic Guide.  For more information, see Culminating Activity Guide.