Chapter G - Academics

Part 2.0 Academic Programs

Section 2.3 Reading University

Policy Statement:

Reading University

Reading University is the school-wide reading program.  Booklists have been compiled for each grade level at APA and a point system established.  Students will receive a grade for their RU participation each quarter in grades 1-6.  Jr. High /Secondary RU grades are calculated into their English grades.  Teachers should follow the RU guidelines with regard to the number of books required per quarter. Summaries and book reports are part of the Writing program.

Teachers need to express enthusiasm for the RU program by sharing books they are reading from the grade level list on at least a weekly basis.  A place in the classroom should be dedicated to RU so the teacher can easily and frequently reinforce this important program.  Teachers should recommend books via the learning plan frequently and students should be asked to share book responses with the class during lunch time or another appropriate time to help other students get excited about books their peers have read and enjoyed.

Elementary Teachers must identify a RU Winner each month, and submit the name and a short paragraph outlining the student's achievement in RU to the Academic Secretary so awards can be made at the Wednesday assembly.