Chapter G - Academics

Part 1.0 Academic Philosophy

Section 1.1 Academic Philosophy Statement

Policy Statement:

Academic Philosophy Statement

Student academic achievement is the primary goal of American Preparatory Academy.  We believe that only when students master fundamentals and are fluent in the basic foundational knowledge of the major disciplines can they move on to effectively express their knowledge and master higher-level skills.

Therefore, the foundation of our instruction will focus on mastery of fundamentals.  We define mastery as the ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills repeatedly and accurately.  This requires repeated instruction in the subject matter, increasing degree of challenge and considerable practice.   As our students master the fundamentals, our instruction focuses on sequential building of conceptual knowledge and promoting independent expression of knowledge.  Finally, our instruction focuses on individual internalization of conceptual knowledge, expressed in extensive written work and verbal presentation, preparing our students for advanced study at the high school level.

These levels of instruction and knowledge attainment follow the classical education model of the Trivium - grammar, logic and rhetoric.  American Preparatory Academy respects this well-founded, proven educational model and uses it in selecting and implementing the school's curriculum.

Our academic policies support our academic mission and philosophy.

An important and vital component of academic achievement is that of organization of student work.  American Prep students will be given tools and training that will assist them in becoming independent students and in organizing their school work, thus maximizing the potential for them to succeed.