Chapter F - Class Organization

Part 7.0 Class Volunteers

Section 7.1 Academic Support Teams

Policy Statement:

Academic Support Teams (AST)

Teachers are responsible to organize the parents of students in their classrooms into academic support teams and character support teams.  Team Leaders for each need to be identified by the teacher.  These volunteers will work with the teacher, in and out of the classroom.  The FSO has an AST Coordinator who will assist in training AST Leaders.  AST members will provide support to the teacher in the following ways:

  • Communication - phone tree, organizing parents to volunteer for classroom events
  • Transportation - for field trips
  • Events - classroom activities, culminating activities
  • Academic Support - correcting papers, creating visual aides

AST members who correct student work need to be instructed verbally and in writing that the work is confidential and should not be discussed with anyone but the teacher.

Policy Cross-references:     B-7.4, D-6.4, and F-4.2 Student Privacy

                                               C-9.1, E-7.3, F-7.2, and I-6.1 Volunteer Guidelines

                                               C-9.2, E-7.4, F-7.3, and I-6.2 Volunteer Agreement