Chapter F - Classroom Organization

Part 5.0 Classroom Plans and Schedules

Section 5.1 APA Academic Guide

Policy Statement:

APA Academic Guide

American Prep has developed an Academic Guide that outlines the academic program of the school.  Teachers participate in the development of the Grade Level Guide or Subject Area Guide (Jr. High, Secondary) for their particular grade level and/or subject.  The Academic Guide includes the 180-day plan, Unit Overviews, and Daily Lesson Plans.  The DLP are to be housed in binders, one for each subject or unit of study. The AG is the template for instruction for each grade.  Teachers will follow the AG, and will also add to it throughout the year, adding materials and references as they are used.  The goal is to have a concise and comprehensive guide from which to teach each grade level each year, thus solidifying the American Prep curriculum and providing students with the best, most consistent education possible.

More detailed instruction on the AG will be presented at pre-service each year.