Chapter F - Classroom Organization

Part 1.0 Classroom Setup

Section 1.3 Materials Placement

Policy Statement:

Materials Placement

Students must have easy access to materials they will need each day.  Teachers are responsible to ensure students have the materials they need, including pencils.  Two baskets should be placed in the back of each classroom, one containing sharpened pencils, and one for the students to place pencils in that need sharpening.  Students who need a pencil during a lesson should be instructed to quickly place their pencil in the "needs sharpening" basket, and get a sharpened pencil from the other basket.  Students should be instructed to insure they have a sharpened pencil before each class begins, so a student leaving their seat during instruction to get a pencil would be a rare occurrence.  A student or two should be assigned each week to ensure sharpened pencils are always available in the proper basket, but teachers are responsible to ensure there are always sharpened pencils available to students and that students don't lose instructional time to sharpen a pencil.  Students assigned to pencil duty should sharpen pencils before and after school or during recess times, not during class time.

Jr. High/Secondary students will be given one pencil, one blue or black pen and one red pen each month.  Beyond this distribution, students are expected to provide their own replacements if needed.