Chapter F - Classroom Organization

Part 1.0 Classroom Setup

Section 1.2 Seating

Policy Statement:


Classrooms should be set up in rows and columns, with each student facing the front of the classroom.  If modifications are necessitated by room-size constraints, students should still face the front of the classroom, but columns may be connected.  Any deviation from the above should be undertaken AFTER consultation with the School Director or his/her designee.

Students in a small group setting should be seated at the front of the classroom. For example, in breakout rooms with a small class that doesn't fill every seat, students should fill the front seats first, filling seats in each subsequent row until all students are seated.  Students should not be allowed to sit in the back of any classroom if there are no students in front of them.  Desks should be placed so that teachers can access all parts of the classroom at any time to facilitate constant teacher monitoring.