Check-ins and Check-outs During the Day

  1. Because we teach "bell to bell," it is vital that students remain for the entire school day. Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments outside of school hours whenever possible. In general, afternoon appointments are preferred so that students don't miss reading or math instruction.
  2. If a student needs to be checked-in during the school day, the student must be accompanied into the school by an adult and signed in at the front desk.
  3. If a student needs to be checked-out during school hours, the responsible adult must come into the school, present photo ID, and sign the student out. For safety reasons, students will not be sent out to meet parents at the curb outside of regular carpool times. To minimize missed
  4. To minimize missed academic time, students will not be called out of class until parents arrive at the school. Please allow 10-15 minutes of time to check out your student(s). We ask that parents not check out their student(s) early to avoid waiting in carpool.
  5. Students will only be released to those listed as parents, guardians, or emergency contacts (as provided during online enrollment or re-enrollment), unless authorization is provided by the parent.
  6. Any adult checking out a student may be asked to present a photo ID.
  7. School staff may also ask the student "who is this picking you up?" as an added safety measure.
  8. Your student must be in attendance at least 4 hours during a school day in order to be considered present for the day.
  9. If parent/guardians are leaving town, be sure your caregiver is listed as someone authorized to pick up your student from school. Please send us an email detailing where you will be, how to get in touch with you if appropriate, and if you have given permission to authorize medical treatment to a caregiver in your absence.

NO Check-outs During Carpool

The school office will be open for student check-outs from when school begins until 15 minutes before dismissal. Due to the secretaries' duties during the carpool time, there will be no student check-outs after that time. Please arrange to arrive early if you need to check-out your students at the end of the day. If you arrive after that time, you will be asked to wait in the front office waiting area until school is over.

Check-outs for Special Awards

If one of your children is receiving a special award at the school, and you would like his/her school-age sibling(s) to observe that recognition, you must use the same procedures for checking your child out of school. For security reasons, no one is ever allowed to go directly to a classroom to pull a child out of class.

End-of-day School Check-outs

If parents know of a regular conflict for which the student must be dismissed early (like a practice that is scheduled after school consistently at a time that needs special consideration) the parent can seek administrative approval so that the school can facilitate this need for the family. The school secretaries will help parents through that process. If there is a one-time appointment that a student needs to be excused for early, the parent should check their student out using the normal procedure, ensuring they arrive at the school well before 15 minutes before the end of the school day, as the office is closed for check-outs 15 minutes before the end of the school day. Parents need to leave sufficient time for school staff to retrieve students and get them to the school office.

Students are only retrieved from classes when parents are at the school office and have checked them out. The school will generally not retrieve students early based upon a phone call from parents telling the school they are "on their way, please have my child waiting."

We ask that parents not check out their student(s) early to avoid waiting in carpool, or for other reasons of convenience. Excessive checkouts may result in a student being placed on Attendance Probation or Attendance Warning.