Valuables, Electronic Devices, and Games

It is not recommended that students or staff bring valuables onto the school campus. American Prep cannot be responsible for damage to or loss of cell phones or other valuable items such as smartwatches and AirPods.  Electronic devices are not allowed at American Prep and will be confiscated by faculty if found on campus. Cell phones, which can include smart watches, are distracting to our academic efforts at American Prep and can be impactful to our safe school culture. Students may not use their cell phone once they enter the school building until they leave the building at the end of the day. In addition, students may not have their phones in their possession during the day and must leave their phones in their locker if they chose to bring them to school. This policy extends to smartwatches.

If a student is found using a cell phone or other prohibited device or has possession of a device while in the building, faculty will confiscate the phone or device and turn it into the office. The procedure regarding the confiscation of a cell phone/device is as follows and applies to phones/devices in the student's possession regardless of the ownership of the phone/device:

  1. The first time a phone or device is confiscated, the student may retrieve it from the office at the end of the day;
  2. The second time a phone or device is confiscated, a parent or guardian must retrieve it from an administrator;
  3. The third time a phone or device is confiscated, the student will receive a 1-day suspension.
  4. On the fourth infraction, the student will receive a 2-day suspension.
  5. Further infractions may result in increasing terms of suspension and meetings with administration.

If a student has an urgent need to communicate with their parent, they can approach a staff member and ask permission to go to the secretary's office. Calling parents to check when they will arrive, to ask where they are, or to tell them something about their day are not urgent needs.