Chapter E - School Operations

Part 10.0 Unity and Diversity

Section 10.1 Unity and Diversity Statements

Policy Statement:

 Religious or Other Opt-out Policy

It is vital to our mission and to our community that we are unified in purpose.  We recognize the strength we have in our different cultures, nationalities and religious faiths and we honor the diversity of our students and families.  Our strength and unity is built as we honor and embrace our diversity while focusing on our shared mission of academic excellence and character development for each student.    Parents should exercise their ability to opt-out their student of any activity they determine is in conflict with their religious or cultural tenets.   If it is a classroom activity (such as a book you don't wish your student to read), parents may exercise this opt-out by speaking with the classroom teacher.  If it is a school-wide or ambassador activity, parents may opt-out after first observing the activity and then submitting a Request for Waiver of Participation Form (available at the main office).  Administration will review the request to ensure that religious freedoms or exercise of rights of conscience are not infringed.  Alternative activities may be required.

Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity

It is the policy of American Prep to provide equal educational and employment opportunity for all individuals. Therefore, American Prep prohibits all discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status. This policy extends to all aspects of American Prep educational programs, as well as to the use of all American Prep facilities, and participation in all school-sponsored activities.

Student Religious Expression

Students may initiate and conduct voluntary religious activities or otherwise exercise their religious freedom on school grounds during discretionary time. Individuals not currently enrolled as students in the school may neither conduct nor regularly attend the activities. School officials may neither conduct nor actively participate in the activities, but may be present as necessary to ensure proper observance of school rules and may limit or prohibit student activities which:

  1. unreasonably interfere with the ability of school officials to maintain order and discipline;
  2. threaten the well-being of persons or property; or
  3. violate concepts of civility or propriety appropriate in a school setting.

It is our goal to support families in their religious pursuits - we have created the following policy and procedure to help accommodate our APA families of young children:

Parents are welcome to come to the school and check out their children each day to pray.

Older siblings cannot check out younger siblings and supervise them during prayer time.

  1. Students must be supervised by an adult during the entire prayer time.
  2. The school cannot provide an employee to supervise a religious activity during the day for parents who cannot come to the school and supervise their children during prayer time.
  3. When parents arrive to check out their students, they can ask us if there is a room available for them to use and staff will make reasonable effort to accommodate that request.
  4. An adult (parent) must be there to supervise the children from the time they are checked out until they are checked back into class.

Students are responsible for making up any missed work while they are out of the classroom.

Civil Rights Grievance Procedure

Complaints of discrimination should be filed with the individual's principal or supervisor and/or with the school Compliance Officer/EEC Coordinator according to the provisions of the School Civil Rights Grievance Procedure, copies of which are available at American Prep. If the complaint is against the principal or supervisor, the complaint may be filed directly with the Compliance Officer/EEC Coordinator. The Compliance Officer/EEC Coordinator, who has been designated to monitor and coordinate American Prep compliance with Title IX, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and all other applicable State and Federal civil rights laws, may be reached at the following address and telephone number: 12894 S. Pony Express Road, Suite 600, Draper, UT  84020, 801-797-0089 ext. 1018.

Complaints of discrimination should be reported as soon as possible, but no later than 90 days after the incident(s) in order to be effectively investigated and resolved.

Policy Cross-reference: A-1.4 Unity Statements

Office Forms: OF E-10.1 Request for Waiver of Participation

Legal References: R277-105 - Recognizing Constitutional Freedoms in Schools