Chapter E - School Operations

Part 1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal

Section 1.4 Withdrawal of Students

Policy Statement: 

Withdrawal of Students

When a parent or guardian approaches the front office staff about leaving an American Prep campus, the secretary will guide them through the process of filling out the required forms.

Parents will receive a copy of their withdrawal form to verify they are no longer enrolled at American Prep.

The reason for exiting and the exit code is then entered by the secretaries into our Student Information System (SIS) Skyward. Our SIS works through the SIF agent nightly to upload to UTREx and is reported to the Utah State Board of Education.

On occasion, when families do not communicate that they have enrolled at another school and we receive a records request, we reach out to families and ask them to complete the forms. If families do not comply, the secretary will complete the form and leave the parent/guardian signature blank.

If an error occurs or a situation happens that requires multiple processes, the administrative coordinator will make any needed corrections in Skyward or gather the correct information.

American Prep ensures that all the needed documentation is created and retained for the final status of all students who enter high school, grades 9-12. American Prep will use the decision rules in R-277-419-9 to indicate high school completion or the proper transfer code for students who transfer from American Prep or who leave the Utah public education system.

Unless provisions have previously been made for enrollment in another school, APA shall immediately notify the student's school district of residence, per 53G-6-503.

Legal References