Appendix A: School Compact




  1.  Support families in the education of their children by providing an orderly, safe, and nurturing learning environment with the overarching aim to enhance student flourishing. 
  1. Educate students via a classical education framework that seeks truth, beauty, and goodness, using a content-rich curriculum that is transparent and accessible to all parents, students, and staff.  
  1. Assist secondary students in their efforts to become student scholars by providing an academically rigorous liberal arts program that prepares them for advanced study.  
  1. Utilize content-rich, efficient curriculum and classically-aligned pedagogy to ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve academic success. 
  1. Provide a comprehensive character development program. 
  1. Prepare students to be good citizens and confident participants in their communities through civic education, emphasizing the founding documents of the USA and patriotism, meaning gratitude and respect for those who contribute(d) to the establishment and success of our democratic republic.
  1. Use multiple sources of information in determining the strengths and needs of the school and of individual students. 
  1. Establish school goals and student achievement standards based on an annual comprehensive needs assessment. 
  1. Provide frequent and ongoing feedback to parents on how the student is progressing academically in formats that are easily accessed and understood. 
  1. Ensure that educational services are provided by highly effective teachers and paraprofessionals. 
  1. Help students resolve conflicts or behavior challenges in a positive, non-threatening way.
  1. Encourage parent participation in school improvement, program awareness and activities, and student achievement. Build the capacity of parents to help their children achieve high standards. 
  2. Support parents in their role as primary educators for their children, building capacity to help their children achieve academically high standards and flourish.


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Carolyn Sharette, Executive Director